Social Enterprises Sydney (SES) is a practitioner-led, membership-based social enterprise that aims to support and promote the success of social enterprises across the Greater Sydney Region, with a focus on connecting and developing practitioners. It is based on the successful Social Enterprise London model and has been established in response to identified need in the region.


Once fully operational SES will provide a range of services, including training and coaching. It will also provide a strong advocacy function to support the development of the emerging sector.

SES is currently seeking ‘early adopter’ members with an interest in supporting it through the crucial establishment phase. During this phase direct membership services will be limited, but we anticipate that your organisation will derive a range of networking and promotional benefits from being involved.

Social enterprises that join before the first AGM will be listed in a dedicated ‘establishment member’ section of the website and will retain this status for as long as they remain members.

Members will be eligible to stand for vacant Director positions and will vote on Board membership at the first AGM.

Full membership is only available to social enterprises, however social enterprise supporters (e.g. consultants working in the sector, sector intermediaries, suppliers to social enterprises and the public sector) are also welcome to join as Supporters. Supporters enjoy all the benefits of Membership but cannot vote at Company meetings.

At this stage, registering is the same price for both Members and Supporters. This involves payment of a minimum fee of $110, plus a further $110 for each $100 000 of annual revenue capped at $550 (higher contributions are of course also welcome!). Your registration will be valid until the first AGM after which time the full membership structure, including categories and fees, will be available.

Memberships are currently on hold pending technical issues being addressed, if you would like more information on becoming a Member, please email



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