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Things to Consider Before Getting That Cubby House

Children are great; they are blessings to us. All parents want what’s best for their children. And one of those best things for children is the cubby house. Cubby houses are very good when it comes to developing the mental and physical capabilities of children. It also provides children with fun and exciting things to do. Cubby houses help in developing strength in children. Apart from that, it helps with flexibility and physical coordination. But there is more than one type of cubby houses. Knowing the types and which one will fit your children is important. Unless you understand the cubby houses available in the market, it will be difficult to choose the best one for your kid.

If you intend to buy cubby houses for your children, you should consider some things so that you’ll get the right fit. Lucky for you, we know those things and are determined to help you out.

Some of the things to consider are:

  • Material of the cubby house
  • The size of the cubby house.
  • The choice of new or secondhand
  • The price of the cubby house.

Material of the Cubby House

There are different types of materials used in making cubby houses. Some are made with plastics. Others are made from wood.

If you want to know the best type for your child, you should go with wood. Wood is the best choice for your children’s cubby house.

Wooden cubby houses are always the best choice you can make especially when you consider things from the economic and environmental angle. Besides, wooden cubby houses have a more stylish appeal than the plastics cubby house.

It is also more attractive in the house and definitely lasts longer. If you want what’s best for your children, go wooden.

Size of the Cubby House

When you decide to buy a cubby house for your children, you should never forget to consider size. When we say size, we don’t just mean the size of the cubby house; we mean the size of the space you want to place it too.

Before buying the cubby house, you should measure the garden or yard where you will put the cubby house. Measure the length and breadth of the garden or yard and be sure the measurements are correct. Also be sure that nothing else will need to occupy any of the space you measured.

The size of the cubby house itself will be taken from the external measurements. The external measurement includes the verandah and excludes the internal measurements.

You should also put into consideration the idea of an elevation kit before buying that cubby house for your children. The elevation kit should include fireman’s pole, slide or scramble net. Since the cubby house is sure to take up a lot of space, you should ensure that you have a large space in your garden or yard.

If the available space is not large enough, you should consider getting a bigger space. Or you can buy a cubby house that can fit into the space you have currently in your garden or yard.

New Cubby House vs. Secondhand Cubby House

It’s always good to get the best for your child when it comes to everything. Well, cubby houses are not excluded from this. You owe it to your children to buy a good cubby house for them.

But sometimes, buying a new cubby house may not be the same as buying the best cubby house. Buying a secondhand cubby house may be a far better alternative economically. But again, while you can get it for a lower price than the new one, most may not be the best option for you or your children.

Buying a secondhand cubby house may not be the best again because there are many things you may not know about it. For instance, you may not know about the timber used to make the house. Also, you may not know how many times the cubby house has undergone repairs. Again, you may not know if it is safe for your kids or not.

In the final analysis, getting your children a new cubby house may be the best even if it is expensive. That way, you know everything there is to know about the house. You know about the timber used. You know for sure that since it hasn’t been used before, it could not have undergone repairs.


You should consider the price too when shopping for cubby houses for your children. You can choose a cubby house that is affordable and still gives your children all the fun and experience they can get.