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Cubby Houses by Design

While trying to give your children the best of everything, you must have thought of toys. And when you thought of that, you must have considered play equipment. And as soon as you started researching play equipment, you must have seen cubby houses.

Cubby houses come in different shapes and sizes and are very popular with parents that want the best for children. Children are generally very excited about the idea of their own home. It’s a place where they can host their friends and play all day.

But what is so special about cubby houses? Why do you need kids wooden cubby houses or for some, the plastic? Why should you even consider getting it for your children?

The thing is that cubby houses are very attractive and adorable. It’s why children love them. It does not matter whether you are getting your kids wooden cubby house or a plastic one, they will love it.

If you’re looking for the benefits of the cubby houses, we have them here for you.

Connection to Space

Your children are used to living with you at home. Giving them a cubby house, either built yourself or bought, will mean a lot to them. Having their own place separate from you means a lot and teaches them subtle lessons.

The connection they feel to that kids wooden cubby house, and its environment will contribute a lot to their learning process. And as they move around that cubby house, they keep learning and developing the kind of knowledge that can be built on.

Since the cubby house will include areas where they can play and be active, they will love it. It will also include a place where they can be quiet and read, and all these build them up. It’s like you are giving them a blank slate and asking them to imagine it to life.


When you give them that cubby house, you are setting their imagination free. They will imagine everything. Imagine themselves like grownups. Imagine themselves as adults having other families over. Imagine themselves as the person rushing off to work in the morning. Imagine themselves as the mother taking care of kids.

Basically, you are building them up to dream and dream big. By giving them a cubby house, you are creating a space for them where they can be whoever they want to be. By giving them that place where they can play, they will take that opportunity and act with it in mind.

They may act like they’re in a pirate ship today and in a school tomorrow. They’ll stage a pirate takeover and run along with it with their friends. Some will act like pirates and others the captured. Like that, they bring some of their favorite shows to life.

Or they can be teachers in school who are struggling to have an impact on the life of a distracted child. One can play the teacher, and the other can be the child.

Basically, their minds are free to roam. Their imaginations are free to run wild, and it will all be because of you.

They are connected to Reality

It is easy to lose track of time or disconnect with people when we have a device with us. And this is not saying that technology is evil. But there is a tendency to severe personal relationships over virtual ones.

Nothing can be more motivating than for your children to be able to play together outside. They get to play with themselves and fight too while growing. That way, they understand each other better as they grow. Instead of working on virtual relationships that may be fake, they get to relate well with themselves and develop together.

Do you still remember growing up and all the shouting by your mother for you to come in for dinner? I’m sure you do. Playing outside can be a lot of fun for children. It was a lot of fun for you growing up, why should your children’s case be different?

By giving them that cubby house, you are giving them way more fun than you had. But then, you want your children to have more fun than you had, don’t you?

Social Skills

When your children have their own cubby house, they are more likely to learn responsibility. They learn to communicate. They learn to share together. They learn how to collaborate with others in work. They learn what it means for them to pay bills.

They get to negotiate an agreement with their friends over who enters the house and how much it will take. They fight together and split. Then they come back and settle.

All these contribute to the overall development of your child. How amazing is it that you can have this much impact simply by getting them a cubby house?